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Tellicherry Voyages to Australia

The ‘Tellicherry’ - built in 1796 at Thames, England for the East India Company. 467 tons.

One sailing to Australia - Ireland to New South Wales in 1805, arriving 1806. 125 (or 130) male and 35 female prisoners, 2 children - 6 deaths. Many on the men on board were political prisoners.
Departed from Cork, Ireland.  (The register of these persons is NOT yet complete on this website - a work in progress.)

In 1807 the Tellicherry was shipwrecked off the coast of the Philippines. The men were rescued and made their way to Manilla.

  • Tellicherry

    Sailed on 31st August, 1805

    Arrived 15th February, 1806 at New South Wales
    Average sentence: 6 Years | Life sentences: 50 | Passengers: 157