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Margaret Sullivan

Margaret Sullivan, one of 101 convicts transported on the Lucy Davidson, 10 July 1829

Name, Aliases & Gender

Name: Margaret Sullivan
Aliases: none
Gender: -

Birth, Occupation & Death

Date of Birth: 1808
Occupation: Servant of all work
Date of Death: 1846
Age: 38 years

Life Span

Life span

Median life span was 54 years*

* Median life span based on contributions

Conviction & Transportation

Sentence Severity

Sentence Severity

Sentenced to Life

Crime: Highway robbery
Convicted at: Middlesex Gaol Delivery
Sentence term: Life
Ship: Lucy Davidson
Departure date: 10th July, 1829
Arrival date: 29th November, 1829
Place of arrival New South Wales
Passenger manifest Travelled with 100 other convicts


Primary source: Australian Joint Copying Project. Microfilm Roll 89, Class and Piece Number HO11/7, Page Number 107 (56)
Source description: This record is one of the entries in the British convict transportation registers 1787-1867 database compiled by State Library of Queensland from British Home Office (HO) records which are available on microfilm as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project.

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Community Contributions

Roger Churm on 12th May, 2019 wrote:

Old Bailey Proceedings April 1829
Margaret Sullivan,Violent Theft,highway robbery,
9th April 1829.

Before Lord Chief Justice Tenterden

809.Margaret Sullivan was indicted for feloniously assaulting Robert Houlding,on a Kings Highway,or the 21s of February,putting him in fear,as taking from his person,and against his will,one 101. Bank note,his property.

Robert Houlding.I am a coachsmith,and life at No.33,Turnmill street,Clerkenwell,On Saturday night the 21st of February,I received a 101.note from Mr.Wilson who I had sold some goods to;I did not observe the date or number -I had it in my right hand pocket,and was returning home,down Holborn;the prisoner accosted me at the bottom of Holborn,and asked me if I would give her something to drink;I told her No,I was going home and had got no money for drink;she pressed my much-I said I had no money;she said if I would take a glass,she would pay for it;went into a wine vaults at the bottom of Holborn;I think it was the first house in Fleet market-we had a and she the other of rum between the two;I drank one glass,she paid for it-I do not like the rum

Roger Churm on 12th May, 2019 wrote:

and chose to have a glass of warm wine;she had another -I put my hand into my right hand breeches pocket,took out the 101 note,and put it into my left hand pocket;I returned my hand to my pocket again,and took out 6d.and 2 1/2d,which was all I had -I paid for the wine and went away;I went out and she followed me-I took the nearest road home,which was through a place leading to Saffron hill;and when I got to take bottom of Saffron hill,just through the passage,she said she lived there,and asked me to go in with her,and took me by the arm -I went in,and stopped about two or three minutes;I never sat down;I came away,and walked up the middle of Saffron Hill with my hands in my pockets,as I am accustomed,as they feel chilled,being used to work with warm iron;I turned down Peter street,at I was in the act of pulling my hands out to turn aside for a necessary purpose,I stopped with my face to the wall;I did not know anybody was near me;as I pulled my hand out of my pocket,the prisoner thrust her hand into my left hand pocket,and took the note by force-I heard it rustle as it came over;I laid hold of her left hand with my left hand,and caught hold of her right hand with my right hand,and held her fast;I called Fuller the watchman,who came,I told him she had robbed me of 101.note which she had taken out of my left hand pocket,and he took the note out of it;and we took her to the watchhouse-the note was left there;this is the note (looking at it)I know it by this tear,which was on it when I received it.

John Fuller.I am a watchman.I heard the prosecutor call Watch I went up to him,and found him holding the prisoners hands-I forced open her left hand,and took this note from it;I took her to the watchhouse,and delivered the note to Isaacs.

James Isaacs.I am watchhouse keeper.The prisoner was brought to the watchhouse-Fuller delivered the note into my hands,all crumpled up)I have had it ever since,it was a 101.Bank note.

John Wilson I paid the prosecutor a 101 note on this Saturday night,at the Crown public house,Thorney street Bloomsbury;I heard of the robbery on the Monday morning -I do not know the number of the note,or know it by any mark.

Prisoners defence-I met this man in Fleet market-we both went into a gin shop;he took me to a house-we sat in the room about five me,when I asked for my compliment ;he said he had no change-but if I trusted to his generosity he would pay me-I would not trust him-he said he did not wish to change the note there;I was going out- he called me bw,and gave the note into my hand-and as I came out,he told me to lay hold of his hand;I walked to Saffron hill with him;I asked him to go into three or four houses to change the note;he would not-I would not giving it to him,till he paid me 5s,which we had agreed to;I said,wherever he went I would go,and give the note to the people to change;he up with his fist and knocked me down;I fell-then got up;he caught hold of my arm to get the note out of it- I would never let it go-but when the watchman came I gave it to him.

John Fuller she did not give me the note-I forced it out of her hand.

Robert Houlding I never delivered the note to he-all she said is false-I never had connexion with her.GUILTY (of stealing from the person only)aged 21
Transported for life

Before Mr.Justice Gaxelee

Penny-Lyn Beale on 4th January, 2022 wrote:

New South Wales, Australia, Convict Indents. Ship; Lucy Davison
Indent No; 77
Name; Margaret Sullivan
Age; 22 years, Catholic, Single
Native Place; Co. Cork
Trade or calling; Kitchen maid & all work
Offence; Robbing person
Trial; London - 9 April 1829 - Life
Height; 5 ft 4 1/4 in
Noted against name; DIED; in Goulburn. See Letter 46/4724.

1843 - Conditional Pardon. No; 44/303. Date; 1 July 1843. Age; 36 years. [1807]

1846 - New South Wales, Australia, Convict Death Register
Name: Margaret Sullivan
Ship; Lucy Davidson - 1829
Date of Death: May 1846
District: Goulburn

Convict Changes History

Roger Churm on 12th May, 2019 made the following changes:

date of birth: 1808 (prev. 0000), crime

Penny-Lyn Beale on 4th January, 2022 made the following changes:

date of death: 1846 (prev. 0000), occupation

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