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Mary Smith

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Name, Aliases & Gender

Name: Mary Smith
Aliases: none
Gender: f

Birth, Occupation & Death

Date of Birth: 1794
Occupation: Servant
Date of Death: -
Age: -

Life Span

Life span

Female median life span was 56 years*

* Median life span based on contributions

Conviction & Transportation

Sentence Severity

Sentence Severity

Sentenced to 7 years

Crime: -
Convicted at: Dublin City
Sentence term: 7 years
Ship: Alexander
Departure date: 4th November, 1815
Arrival date: 4th April, 1816
Place of arrival New South Wales
Passenger manifest Travelled with 84 other convicts


Primary source: Colonial Secretary Index. Irish Convict Database.
Source description:

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Community Contributions

Maureen Withey on 16th August, 2020 wrote:

Irish Convict Database.
Mary Smith, age 22, per Alexander II, 1816, Tried at Dublin City, 1815, 7 years, servant, DOB 1794. Spouse: m. Sutton Forrest, George Fairbrother.

Colonial Secretary Index.

SMITH, Mary. Per “Alexander”, 1816.

1816 Jul 26 - Re permission to marry John Ferguson at Windsor (Reel 6005; 4/3495 p.52)
1817 Jan 6,10 - Re permission to marry Owen Divine at Sydney (Reel 6005; 4/3495 pp.450-1)


Maureen Withey on 16th August, 2020 wrote:

Mary Married Owen Devine, who was convicted at Norwich Assizes in August 1800, and was transported for life for burglary on Minorca in 1801.

DEVINE, Owen. Per “Minorca”, 1801

1811 Sep 21 - Sent to Newcastle as prisoner (Reel 6003; 4/3492 p.66)

1812 Feb 25 - Prisoner at Newcastle, time expired. Sent to Sydney on “Estramina” (Reel 6066; 4/1804 p.108)

1817 Jan 6,10 - Re permission to marry at Sydney (Reel 6005; 4/3495 pp.450-1)

1818 Feb 14, Jun 6 - Paid from the Police Fund for lime for Government use at Parramatta (Reel 6038; SZ759 pp.439, 441, 474)

1818 Sep 10 - On list of persons to receive grants of land in 1818; at Lower Branch (Fiche 3266; 9/2652 p.48)

1820 May 17 - Lime burner (Reel 6050; 4/1747 pp.16-8)

1822 Jan 7-1823 Mar 4 - Paid from Colonial Fund (Reel 6039; 4/424 pp.81, 127, 142, 152)

1822 Mar - On account of lime furnished for the use of the Government at Windsor and Emu Plains, 1 Apr 1821 to 23 Mar 1822 (Reel 6016; 4/5781 p.224)

1822 Aug - Signatory to petition objecting to the Commissariat’s new system of paying for supplies in Spanish dollars (Reel 6017; 4/5783 p.124c)

1822 Sep 4 - Affidavit re loss of his conditional pardon (Reel 6028; 4/1690 p.14)

1823 - Farmer at the First Branch. Memorial (Fiche 3063; 4/1834B No.93 p.555)

1824 May 3 - Signatory to letter from inhabitants of the Lower Branch re a clause they wish inserted in the deed for the common at Wallambine Creek (Reel 6061; 4/1779 p.50b)
Owen died suddenly in 1824.

An Inquest was held on Tuesday morning, the 19th instant, at the Lower Branch, on the body of Owen Devine, a settler of that place, who died suddenly in his boat, near Sentry-box Reach, on the preceding Sunday, on his way to Sydney. It appeared from the evidence of his man, and a female passenger, that the deceased complained of a violent pain in the neighbourhood of the heart, and was observed repeatedly smiting his breast with his hand a short time previous to his being found dead on his bed, to which he had been assisted by one of the witnesses. Mr. Surgeon West, of the Colonial Medical Establishment, stated, that the body exhibited no external marks of violence whatever. Verdict—” Died in a natural way.”
The deceased had been 23 years in the Colony, and was generally esteemed a very persevering, industrious, and honest character. He was interred on his own farm immediately after the verdict, as the body became discoloured and very offensive - the distance to the nearest burying-place being upwards of 35 miles.
Sydney Gazette, 28 Oct 1824.
MRS. MARY DEVINE, Widow of the late Mr. OWEN DEVINE, of the Lower Branch, Hawkesbury, requests all Claims against the Estate or Effects of her late Husband, may be immediately sent in; and that all those who may be indebted to the same will settle the Amount as
soon as possible.
Sydney Gazette, 4 Nov 1824.

Mary, a young widow, was working as a servant in 1828, at lower Portland Head.

1828 NSW Census Index.

Mary Devine, age 35, F.S. Alexander, 1816, 7 years, catholic, servant to Thos. Green, Lr. Portland Head.

Convict Changes History

Maureen Withey on 16th August, 2020 made the following changes:

convicted at, term: 7 years, voyage, source: Colonial Secretary Index. Irish Convict Database. (prev. ), firstname: Mary, surname: Smith, alias1: , alias2: , alias3: , alias4: , date of birth: 1794, date of death: 0000, gender: f, occupation, crime

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