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About Convict Records

What are the goals of Convict Records?

This website aims to be the most comprehensive, 100% free resource to search for information on Australian convicts. It was established as a hobby website by Steve Thomas, a web developer based on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Lets face it - Australia's convict records are far from complete (not helped by convicts regularly using aliases), and multiple research groups have produced multiple sets of data. We want to try and bring it all together by harnessing the power of the internet and the strong interest of the general public in our convict past.

Where does the convict data come from?

ConvictRecords.com.au is based on the British Convict transportation register for convicts transported to Australia between 1787-1867. You can find out more about the database on our resources page.

In May 2011, we began accepting public contributions to individual convict records, and have had huge public support to help build up detailed profiles on thousands of convicts.

Looking forward, we may append other datasets to our existing data and look for ways to try and provide a truly comprehensive resource.

Why do you ask for my name?

If you provide your name, we will display it next to any contribution that you make. If you do not provide your name, we will call you "Anonymous".

Why do you ask for my email address?

As of October 2011, we began giving contributors the option of providing their email address when they make a contribution.

Our policy is as follows:

What are the rules for contributing information?

Very few.

All contributions are reviewed by us and will not be displayed publicly until we approve them.

We will approve any useful contribution, and we will reject any contribution that contains abusive language or is otherwise worthless. A very high percentage of contributions are approved, and virtually all rejected contributions are received during school hours and have a youthful feel about them. Coincidence?

We do not independently verify any information received.

Who do I contact if I have an issue?

Use the Feedback link at the bottom of every page if you would like to make an enquiry.