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Ann Farrelly

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Name, Aliases & Gender

Name: Ann Farrelly
Aliases: Ann Farley
Gender: f

Birth, Occupation & Death

Date of Birth: 1771
Occupation: -
Date of Death: 29th October, 1809
Age: 38 years

Life Span

Life span

Female median life span was 61 years*

* Median life span based on contributions

Conviction & Transportation

Sentence Severity

Sentence Severity

Sentenced to Life

Crime: -
Convicted at: Ireland, Cavan
Sentence term: Life
Ship: Sugar Cane
Departure date: 12th April, 1792
Arrival date: 17th September, 1793
Place of arrival New South Wales
Passenger manifest Travelled with 83 other convicts


Primary source: Mayberry, Peter; Irish Convicts to NSW 1788-1849 (online database).
Source description:

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Community Contributions

Denis Pember on 17th April, 2016 wrote:

In the colony, Ann formed a de-facto relationship with Matthew Kearns (Convict,Neptune, 1790). Very soon after her arrival in the colony. Between 1794 and 1802 the couple had four children, I have identified only three so far. John 1794, Catherine 1800 and William 1802.

Denis Pember on 17th April, 2016 wrote:

Her partner, Matthew’s brother John, arrived as a free immigrant in 1806 and was given a land grant. Then in 1809, Ann died.
She would not have wanted to see what happened to her little family then!...
Sydney Gazette Sat 27 Mar 1813 p.2….....
On Monday morning, between 9 and 10 o’clock the Court of Criminal Jurisdiction re-assembled and proceeded to the trial of Thomas Mahony and Pearce Conden, for the wilful murder of Joseph Sutton, on the night of the 5th of March instant; and Matthew Kearns, John Kearns the elder, and John Kearns the younger for inciting, moving, aiding, abetting, counselling, hiring, and commanding the said Thomas Mahoney and Pearce Conden to commit the said murder.
...At 10 o’clock the Judge Advocate and members of the Court withdrew to consider their verdict; and returning to their seats at two o’clock on Tuesday morning, all the prisoners were pronounced ‘guilty’ and received sentence of death immediately.

Denis Pember on 17th April, 2016 wrote:

However, her daughter Catherine did marry Francis Lawless (Convict, Boyd, 1809) in 1816 and raise a family, of 6 children.
The son William married Mary Ann Ward, the daughter of Joseph Ward (Convict, Coromandel, 1802) and Ann Uren (Convict, Sydney Cove, 1807) and also had a family of 2 children.  He subsequently married Elizabeth Graham, the daughter of John Graham (Convict, Ganges 1797) and Elizabeth Meinay (Came Free, Ganges, 1797) and had a further 5 children.

Jenny Rickard on 27th July, 2018 wrote:

Anne and Matthew Kearns’s elder daughter was Mary (Farley) NSW Birth Record V1795481 1A/1795 (1 June 1795).  Mary married Robert Thurston.

Convict Changes History

Denis Pember on 17th April, 2016 made the following changes:

convicted at, term: 99 years, voyage, source: Mayberry, Peter; Irish Convicts to NSW 1788-1849 (online database). (prev. ), firstname: Ann, surname: Farrelly, alias1: , alias2: , alias3: , alias4: , date of birth: 1771, date of death: 29th October, 1809,

Denis Pember on 17th April, 2016 made the following changes:

alias1: Ann Farley

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