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Calcutta Voyages to Australia

In 1803 the Calcutta sailed into Port Phillip bay where at least 4 convicts escaped , in Sydney in April 1804 it was reported that 8 had died on the trip. Of the four known escapees one was shot on escape, 2 turned back after 2 days to reattach to the group at the camp in bay before the boat left , one continued on ...into Australias history books.

  • Calcutta

    Sailed on February, 1803

    Arrived 4th October, 1803 at New South Wales [Port Phillip]
    Average sentence: 8 Years | Life sentences: 114 | Passengers: 292
  • Calcutta

    Sailed on 19th April, 1837

    Arrived 5th August, 1837 at New South Wales
    Average sentence: 0 Years | Life sentences: 5 | Passengers: 5