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Calcutta Voyages to Australia

HMS Calcutta was the East Indiaman Warley (1795), converted to a Royal Navy ship. This ship of the line served for a time as an armed transport. She also transported convicts to Australia. The French Magnanime captured Calcutta in 1805. In 1809, after she ran aground during the Battle of the Basque Roads and her crew had abandoned her, a British boarding party burned her.

In 1803 the Calcutta sailed into Port Phillip bay where at least 4 convicts escaped , in Sydney in April 1804 it was reported that 8 had died on the trip. Of the four known escapees one was shot on escape, 2 turned back after 2 days to reattach to the group at the camp in bay before the boat left , one continued on ...into Australia’s history books. At least 13 convicts were transferred on to Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania), Australia.The ship also carried officers, wives and free settlers.

  • Calcutta

    Sailed on February, 1803

    Arrived 4th October, 1803 at New South Wales [Port Phillip]
    Average sentence: 8 Years | Life sentences: 117 | Passengers: 294
  • Calcutta

    Sailed on 19th April, 1837

    Arrived 5th August, 1837 at New South Wales
    Average sentence: 7 Years | Life sentences: 13 | Passengers: 28